Prove Me Wrong, America!

Stereotypes. The pervasive, often misconstrued beliefs that we all too often have about those who are different from us have plagued this country since Kunta Kinte’ first lost a footrace to a man in long-johns and a powdered wig.

To this day, many continue to perpetuate themselves, in no small part due to their constant depiction in the media. If you’d like to shake the belief that the “welfare queen” truly exists, a movie like Precious does you no favors. If you have a fear of the “suspicious young black male”, a rap consisting of tales of robbery and drug-dealing set to a chorus of gun sounds is unlikely to change hearts and minds. And just when you thought your preconceived notions about rednecks were way off base – Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo.

This image set the Redneck Equality Movement back for generations.

Every so often, however, a stereotype has roots in a truism about people from our precious little melting pot. To determine how often this is true would normally take months of extensive study by research scientists, historians and experts on sociology. Fortunately for you, our readers, you have the next best thing – two brothas scouring the internets in their underwear.

Over the next few weeks (or whenever we figure out that this is really racist), Black Like You will look at different stereotypes pervasive in today’s modern culture. We will pick apart the idea that African Americans are predisposed to liking chicken. We will gaze into the abyss of the black man’s alleged love affair with white women. We will find out if brothas are really being kept down by “The Man”. And we will cover it all as only we can – like people who don’t really know what they’re talking about.

(Given the subject matter, we feel that’s the only appropriate way.)

So, here’s your chance. Prove us wrong, America.


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