“The F*@k Is This Sh#t?”: Beyoncé – Bow Down/I Been On


While scouring the internet in search of some playable good music, I ran across a new track from Mrs. Carter, which, at first listen, probably should have been titled Beyoncé Goes Ratchet.

The Hit-Boy produced double track first sees Bey taking shots at some of her rivals (who she declines to mention by name), then it miraculously flips into a chopped-and-screwed bass monster appropriate for the Houston native.

One has to wonder why Mrs. Carter felt the need to respond to any of her “competition” at all. There are very few artists of any genre who have come close to her accomplishments in the modern era, and one would be hard pressed to think of any urban female artist who’s even come close.

Still, it’s an interesting pseudo smack-down to anyone who thinks Beyoncé would disappear quietly into the night following her pregnancy, and a nice placeholder for fans waiting to hear some new music from the pop icon.

Bow down bitches, and enjoy.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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