Season One: Episode Fifteen

Mother Instinct

This is an episode about a no good son-in-law so it hits close to home. A handicapped woman with a greenhouse and a healthy fetish for plants gets a visit from her abused daughter Sheila and Sheila’s slimy husband Nelson.

Nelson is there to hit up the old lady for another loan as he has a gambling addiction, and no matter how much guilt he tries to lay on her, he’s getting no more money from her. During an argument, Nelson strikes his wife and he gets gripped up by mom. It seems that the melon juice she makes in her greenhouse gives her very temporary strength and vigor.

Mother Instinct 1

Nelson can’t take the juice because he doesn’t know the right dosage for his first dose, and the wrong dose will kill him. (So I think its safe to say he’s never done heroin.) But he wants to market the stuff. The mom shoots him down, but he just goes back to manipulating his wife.

Holy crap is that a unibrow?

Mother Instinct 2

By spying on the mom, they find where she does most of her work only to find it populated with worms the size of baseball bats that attack them. Or maybe they’re trying to kiss them. Worms get misinterpreted a lot. They’ve got poker faces. But Nelson knows that the worms are the key.

He’s right. Later the mother reveals to her daughter that her father, a professor sent back a crate of Amazonian blood worms who escaped. They treat the soil of where they live, meaning that the melons are worthless. It’s the soil that matters. The son overhears this.

He goes to take the worms, drinks the melon juice, pretty much just does evil son-in-law stuff, until he runs into the mother-in-law. But there’s one problem.

The worms he’s been seeing are the babies.

Mother Instinct 3

Good episode, good performances all around, nice idea, cool monster and unibrow. Everyone wins.


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