The introduction of this comic is with the cosmic villain Darkseid on his home planet Apokolips. Frankly this is from a fairly stupid event that happened in other comics, but basically he is sending an all female team to break out someone imprisoned in Belle Reve, the Suicide Squad’s headquarters.

Courses there’s a little rivalry on the team he’s sending.

page 1

This is kind of a bad time.

Rick Flag is shaken by seeing Karin, and he knows the mission didn’t go too well. He finds out that Plastique is undergoing a painful procedure to get rid of her memories of the mission and that Karin is helping villain Dr. Moon to carry it out.

page 2

Nightshade isn’t happy about being an accomplice to a massacre. She tries to vent her frustration. It doesn’t go well.

page 3

There’s a reason she’s nicknamed ‘The Wall.’ Nemesis is torn too, even though he owes the squad for rescuing him, he doesn’t actually feel like he’s fighting crime anymore. Everything just seems too dirty. Captain Boomerang complains that he’s trapped in Belle Reve and gets the concession of a pied a terre in New Orleans.

Even though its early in its run, Suicide Squad is starting to show why its exceptional. If you just went on a violent mission, you wouldn’t just shake it off with a joke, like an 80’s action movie.

Flag shows up, furious about Plastique’s treatment. Waller refuses to back down leading to this exchange-

page 4

We don’t know what would have happened next, because the Female Furies teleport in from Apokolips. No one is equipped to defend the prison, half of the Squad is recovering from the previous mission, Deadshot doesn’t feel like getting out of bed, and Boomerang hides to avoid being drafted.

The Bronze Tiger is a master martial artist who has fought Batman to a standstill. But the Furies are around Wonder Woman strength. Its not a fair fight.

page 5

The Furies go through the entire prison, ignoring the guards, weapons, and poor outmatched Nightshade who gets hurt again. They get their prize, but Lashing is betrayed when they go to teleport out.

The portal overloads and her body is launched outside the compound in the explosion, her fate unknown.

page 6

And then Waller apologizes.

That’s one thing I see people get wrong when Waller is in cartoons, or TV shows or whatever. She’s not a villain. She’s a tough person who makes tough decisions, and sometimes she goes too far.


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