Of course, I forgot to include the movie that I wanted to see. Smh

2016 is going to be another big year for comic book movies (which is okay with me) but fanbases are conflicted about those movies. So I sought out a range of opinions from other people more than qualified to offer a very educated opinion on the trailers AND on comics and then we argued like teenagers trapped on a long car ride.

Black Elvis

The first thing people notice me about anywhere I’ve lived is how many comics I have. I have a larger collection than anyone I know. If this place ever catches fire its going to be a four alarmer for the whole block.


Of course, I included my writing partner Thomas Hamilton, mostly because he can see when I’m writing a draft and its awkward to explain why I’m not including him on a panel and because we’re still too burned out to do socially conscious content.


We included R-Son the Voice of Reason who is overqualified to chime in. He’s Super Tribble of the Black Tribbles who have made huge contributions to Philadelphia and geek culture. (You need to check them out.) Also he’s been a long-time comic book shop employee/manager and he’s part of an exciting new venture in Amalgam Comics.


JD Korejko runs Jd’s Hero Complex after quite a few years working elsewhere in a comic shop. Also, he is a gifted comic artist and illustrator and a Tom and Tom Affirmative Action hire. (Stinking Obama.) He also runs a rather popular comic book podcast Poptards which runs on Aint it Cool News, a site that people actually visit.

Next…we do the trailers.


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