firestorm 1

This is sort of a perfect storm. (See what I did there!) Looking at the John Ostrander Suicide Squad run, Slipknot doesn’t appear beyond what I’ve already scanned, so if these articles are supposed to serve as introductions to characters that are going to appear in the movies you haven’t really gotten a lot to go on.

Also, this is a taste of Firestorm, a character that I always liked but that never had the impact in DC that he could have. Right now the character appears on the surprisingly entertaining Legends of Tomorrow on the CW, and they have done a great job adapting the character from the comic.

It all comes together here, in Fury of Firestorm issue 28 written by comics legend Gerry Conway and Joey Cavalieri. Its also a bad comic which is not the fault of penciler Rafael Kayanan or anyone responsible for the art.

You see Firestorm is a combination of two people: Professor Martin Stein, an insufferable prat, and basketball player Ronnie Raymond, an unlikable jackass. Legends of Tomorrow has done a great job capturing the essence of their conflict, but making them watchable, but in Fury it is nearly impossible to root for the protagonist of the book because he’s so annoying.

Also this issue pits a guy with near god-like power over the building blocks of the universe against a guy that’s good with ropes.

This is why we can’t act like comics are some sort of holy text that can’t be changed for any other medium. Because sometimes an idiot with his head on fire fights a guy that ties knots.

Let’s skip the horrible soap opera of this book and get straight to the fight.

firestorm 2

The Professor immediately does his shtick of freaking out and babbling about the obvious. You’re being choked and you need to something. Thanks Professor. What I need during a life or death emergency is a old guy in my head screaming useless information at me.

firestorm 3

For all the people that complain about pointlessly revealing female comic costumes, here is one of the male entries. For some reason Slipknot has giant holes that expose his chest but has heavy armor on his forearms and shins. Ye Gods.

Now the girl he was with has superpowers and goes to help but…

firestorm 4

She ends up getting kidnapped. Meanwhile Firestorm finds out that he has no idea what to do when people dodge his blasts, and despite being an athlete immediately gets gassed like Bob Sapp after the first 30 seconds.

firestorm 5

Losing track of him Firestorm is for another surprise.

firestorm 6

It gets worse. For all of us.

firestorm 7

After being thoroughly beaten by a guy with the emblem of a rope across his face, the Professor chimes in with more useless panic. Did you know that if you fall off of a building you’ll probably die?

firestorm 8

The Professor keeps talking. At this point I’m rooting Firestorm to die.

firestorm 9

Finally Slipknot realizes that taking on a job where he attacks a demi-god might be a bad idea.

firestorm 10

firestorm 11

Slipknot is easily defeated. Honestly Slipknot is sort of a loser in the comics and his chances of survival in the movie aren’t very high, which is why Suicide Squad is so compelling. With a lineup of third tier villains that no one cares about things can get very unpredictable, but hopefully you have a little more context for him now.



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