Years ago, I got the chance to write for a satirical online paper called The Washington Fancy. It’s where I met Tom and a couple of other great writers and drove my editors nuts.

The Fancy was based a simple formula, one-concept articles that didn’t take up too much of your attention, and a light touch. But I have a different sort of wiring. I don’t relate as well to absurdist humor, I’ve liked biting satire. And I wanted to be different than everyone else. This led me to write vicious articles, that eventually stopped being comedy at all. I went so far off the reservation I lost the tribe completely.

But I’ve noticed some of the things I wrote about coming up in the news recently. And The Washington Fancy is no more I’m afraid. And many articles that were posted were censored (not a complaint, may I add). So the blog seemed like a great place to put this stuff, one dead site inside of another, I suppose.

Enjoy the stuff from the vault.



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