Bucharest [AP] With Romania indicating that it is now bankrupt, new concerns about the European Union are surfacing, after initial surprise that Romania was actually in the EU. It is now becoming apparent that Romania was mismanaged, inherently corrupt, and shockingly  inefficient, which put fears that they did not belong to rest. But IMF chief economist Oliver Blanchart and managing director Christine Lagarde are confident about Europe’s future.

“We got this,” Blanchart said and exchanged a fist bump with Lagarde.

Lagarde is relatively new in her position, as she succeeded Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Although she comes from a financial climate that has no idea how to reconcile worker’s rights and small business, the IMF is confident that Lagarde will not attempt to rape a hotel maid, and so her position is secure. She faces a large task. The European Union has been facing a series of collapses.

Recently, Germany has been forced to bail out Greece repeatedly, making them to accept an austerity package that included such terms as a six hour workday, and a mere eight weeks of vacation a year. Ireland had serious financial trouble earlier, which may have been forecast by its history of poverty. Italy is facing serious trouble, as somehow the European Union thought that the Italians would be able to maintain a budget. Hungary is facing serious problems this year, as they are involved with a series of legal actions from the Union. Things are so bad, that Iceland (who went bankrupt three years ago and was reduced to using sheep’s heads and fish as currency) has been having reservations about joining the group.

“The Union is going to be strong going forward,” Lagarde said. “As long as Germany is able to bail everyone out.”

“Our real problem is we keep letting broke countries into our Union,” Blanchart replied. “We’ve got to treat this like a club, and right now we’re letting in bow-legged girls, girls with stripper heels, girls that need to get a new weave, and its bringing the quality of the whole place down. We’ve got to find a way to bring the hot chicks back.”


So…… Largarde is facing a fraud trial in December.





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