Black and white

Even though there’s gray

Wrong or right

No matter what they say

An entire world divided

Even though we’re one in the same

When you feed into the hate

You play their game

Superiority is nonexistent

Just a figment of imagination

Consumerism’s easily encouraged

In a divided nation

The poor despise the wealthy

The rich can’t stand their reflection

You can’t be a free thinker

With a controlled perception

Every individual is different

Each with a unique past

Some wish the storm away

While others pray it will last

There will always be conflict

But together we can grow

When we stop treating strangers like strangers

And instead people we know

When we start searching for souls

Instead of judging by skin

Is when we’ll we able to come together as a species

To conquer and win

A battle that existed

Before any of us were alive

Needs to be defeated with grace

If we plan to survive

-Katelyn Tausendfreundt



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