Welcome to our re-launched, re-designed blog! If you’ve not been here for a while, we hope you like what we’ve done with the place.

The cosmetic changes are not the only changes you’ll see around here, however. First and foremost, I’m actually writing a blog!

During my hiatus, Tom did an amazing job keeping the site going, but way too much of the onus of running the blog was on him, so I’d like to publicly apologize for that. Thanks for putting up with my B.S., and for continuing to answer my calls!

The last few years have been personally crazy for me, and it took my focus completely away from writing. I traveled out of the country for a while, got involved with multiple projects, I got married, and now that all of those things have settled and I’m back home, it’s time to get back to doing what I love to do: subjecting myself to ridicule by strangers on the internet.

While this has been going on privately, especially on Tom’s end, we’re also going to do a bit of a format shift on the blog, away from political and social satire, and into more cultural items, personal musings, and other generally more fun stuff to write about. This isn’t the easiest decision for us to make, but we’ve both deemed it necessary.

When Tom & I first started this blog, we wanted it to be a place that showcased a comedic take on post-racial ideas, with the operative goal being to showcase things that made us the same, rather than the things that made us different. We felt that, with the election of the first black president, people were finally ready to examine the challenges and obstacles that were holding us back from real equality, and if we could be part of that change in a meaningful yet funny way, all the better.

I had no idea how wrong I was.


The election of Donald Trump has laid bare the racial divides in this country in a way not seen since the bygone civil rights era. Opinions about race, and even innocuous, non-racial issues, seem more and more split along cultural lines than I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime.

But this phenomena did not start with Trump. He is merely the malignant outgrowth of a festering, un-diagnosed disease within our body politic. And the worst part is, because he’s been elevated to the highest office in the land, and is now leader of the free world, We’re constantly talking about him: his disastrous leadership, his numerous scandals, and his disgusting rhetoric that is both shockingly tone-deaf and horrifyingly divisive.

While this administrations’ daily foibles make for great fodder for the 24-hour news cycle and late night talk show hosts, it’s kind of had a bad effect on comedy as a whole. The stories that emerge from the nightmare-scape of the oval office are too outrageous to parody, and Trump is basically impervious to satire. When a caricature sits in the highest office in the land, it makes the one on SNL seem flat. No one can out-Trump Trump.

So, why try?

Instead of attempting to satirize the issues of the day, the new focus of the site is going to be to pivot away from it; to be an oasis from the daily grind that is the Trump-era news cycle. Instead of satirizing the issues that drive us apart, we’re gonna focus on the stories that we can all share in together.

We’re not gonna put blinders on, and pretend the outside world does not exist. As has always been the case, if we feel compelled to write about the issues of the day, we’re gonna do that, and it won’t always be funny – because the things that are happening in our country do not always have a hilarious side hidden within the darkness.

But they almost always have an opportunity for improvement, or for change, and I’m personally committed to exploring those themes with my writings whenever I think it can be cathartic or helpful to someone.

In what can be called a modern Dark Age, where ignorance and division are willful illnesses infecting the public consciousness, Tom and I still believe that laughter can be the best medicine. We look forward to giving you as much as you can stand.


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