As this list was compiled with Curtis Brown of Geekanda we hit that point where we just didn’t agree. Here are those villains, and that conversation.


The Mandarin –  The Mandarin is a Chinese scientist gifted with ten alien rings. Each ring has a separate power, and over time a link between the man and the jewelry grew so that he can command their power even if he’s not close to them. I thought Shane Black did a great job of playing with our expectations, especially considering he was coming after Christopher Nolan’s Joker.

Curt….didn’t agree.

Curtis: The Mandarin was white washed and though the original character was stereotypical, you don’t overhaul a character whose actual name is THE MANDARIN with someone not of Asian descent only to backtrack it later in the movie and show he wasn’t really the Mandarin.

As one of Tony’s original mainstays in his rouge’s gallery all that was needed was an update. Get the Asian guy from Chicago MED and give Mandarin the (Joker/Killmonger/Bane) treatment. Turn them from campy exaggerated comic villains to real world relatable, driven threats to mankind.

Me: Um. That’s a really good argument and I was not prepared for it.


The Kingpin – New York City’s ultimate crime lord, Wilson Fisk is the man you can’t kill, can’t beat, can’t pin down, and God forbid you actually get your hands on him because you won’t win that fight. He’s smarter, than you, he’s stronger than you, he’s got longer money and more men.

Curtis: Michael Clarke Duncan screwed the pooch.

Me: Nah. Bullseye sucked. I wanted to be Michael Clarke Duncan in that movie. He was the best part of the whole thing.

Curtis: Bullseye was the only salvageable piece of that movie.

Me: Hot trash.

Curtis: Well we’re at a crossroads here.

(A long pause follows.)

Me: Why didn’t you like him?

Curtis: He had the look and the feel, but his performance didn’t stack up. He wasn’t methodical – just a brute.

Me: I think the writing was to blame there.


Blackheart – Ummmmmm



Me: They weren’t misued, they always sucked.

Curtis: I concur and retract those names.



Curtis: The movies make him out to be this campy self-absorbed idiot.

Me: Maybe Jigsaw was broad but it wasn’t a subtle movie. It was an old school action movie. It’s what the Expendables was supposed to be.

Curtis: I disagree,  the Punisher was trying to be serious but Jigsaw came off clownish.

Me: Okay, I got you, the tone was all over the place, so Jigsaw didn’t work. Makes sense.

Curtis: Exactly, that Jigsaw was 3/4s Joel Schumacher Mr. Freeze and Twoface and the director wanted Nolan Batman action from Frank Castle.

Me: Ray Stevenson was really good though.

Curtis: I agree he was the perfect Castle, until someone put the world around him in Batnippleverse

The Silver Samurai

Me: He sucks.

Curtis: Nah bro, the samurai battle between him and Logan in the field like the old school movies was epic to see in comics.

Me: Maybe its me, I didn’t read a lot of good silver samurai except for that brief Steve Skroce run.

wolverine 1

wolverine 2

(Silver Samurai  sucks though.)


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