The Best Horror Films of the Last Five Years – #9 & 10

Number # 9 – Atterados

Written and Directed by Demian Rugna

“Terrified” (or Atterados) is the antithesis of what I claim to like, a movie where a lot of effort went into describing an infectious haunting in Argentina but no effort went to explaining WHY anything is happening. However, it is so accomplished on a visceral level, it doesn’t feel like it matters.

‘Terrified’ is flat out scary in a way that most movies aren’t, even horror ones. It hits you with scene after scene until its audience is simply too pulverized to respond, but not at the cost of sensible pacing.

Number #10 – The Wolf of Snow Hollow

Written and Directed by Jim Cummings

This is a film I liked initially but as time went on I admired it even more. Looking at the genre, it’s really hard to make a good werewolf film. It’s even harder to make an original one, and that’s what this is.

‘The Wolf of Snow Hollow’ ends on one of the most unique turns I’ve seen in a werewolf film and it’s not a cheap twist either, a rewatch reveals that Cummings has structured his movie into a masterclass of misdirection, sprinkling clues and essentials bits of exposition in the middle of his rants. I’d like to believe that time will allow us to appreciate this movie more fully.

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