31 Days Without A Cigarette: A Retrospective

I usually don’t post things like this here, but I did something that I thought I’d never do, and I wanted to give it a bit more space than Twitter will allow, so I’m gonna talk about it here: I wanted to give myself a birthday gift this year: 30 days without a cigarette. TodayContinue reading “31 Days Without A Cigarette: A Retrospective”

Close Enough To Touch: The Tragedy Of Nipsey Hussle and History Repeating

I’m not entirely sure why the untimely death of Nipsey Hussle has affected me the way it has over the last few days. I wasn’t very familiar with his music, and until he died, I didn’t really hear too much about him on social media. Posts about the great things he was doing in hisContinue reading “Close Enough To Touch: The Tragedy Of Nipsey Hussle and History Repeating”

Do We Really Have To Explain Why Arming Teachers Is A Stupid Idea?

If you took the time to read the revival post from earlier in the week, you know that one of the things we wanted to try to veer away from with the blog was talking about all of the ridiculous things that Donald Trump says.   It shouldn’t have to be explained to any authorityContinue reading “Do We Really Have To Explain Why Arming Teachers Is A Stupid Idea?”

10 Worst Comic Book Movies of All Time: Intro

Summer is here, and with it comes another exciting slate of comic-book films, starting with Avengers: Age of Ultron and ending with inevitable disappointment. But while some of these films will invariably live up to the hype, some will more likely leave us temporarily entertained, but ultimately unsatisfied – and others will straight up suckContinue reading “10 Worst Comic Book Movies of All Time: Intro”

A Holiday Wish

Usually when the holiday season rolls around, I like to spend my time as many of you do: Navigating my way through throngs of bitter last minute shoppers, making the case for the Greatest Christmas Movie of All Time, and ragging to friends about how much Christmas music sucks. But this year, with so much tension andContinue reading “A Holiday Wish”

Tom’s Infinite Desert Island Playlist, Finale

It’s been a long time since we drifted on to our tropical prison, but our prayers have finally been answered: We’ve made booze! Be fermenting a combination of sugar cane, mango pulp and coconut water, we have managed to concoct a libation that, while tasting terrible, manages to get you drunk as shit in recordContinue reading “Tom’s Infinite Desert Island Playlist, Finale”