Close Enough To Touch: The Tragedy Of Nipsey Hussle and History Repeating

I’m not entirely sure why the untimely death of Nipsey Hussle has affected me the way it has over the last few days. I wasn’t very familiar with his music, and until he died, I didn’t really hear too much about him on social media. Posts about the great things he was doing in hisContinue reading “Close Enough To Touch: The Tragedy Of Nipsey Hussle and History Repeating”

In Memory of George Romero

  Years ago, a co-worker was raving to me about television series The Walking Dead. As I had a bit of spare time I watched a few episodes, maybe even the first season. I remember thinking that it was quite good, but that fans who found it so original must have never seen a GeorgeContinue reading “In Memory of George Romero”

The King is Gone

By now everyone knows that Riley “Blues Boy” King is dead at 89. There are some people whose absence means that things will not and cannot ever be the same. B.B. King was the face of blues music for more than half of a century, with a reputation earned by relentless touring, soulful singing, legendaryContinue reading “The King is Gone”