31 Days Without A Cigarette: A Retrospective

I usually don’t post things like this here, but I did something that I thought I’d never do, and I wanted to give it a bit more space than Twitter will allow, so I’m gonna talk about it here: I wanted to give myself a birthday gift this year: 30 days without a cigarette. TodayContinue reading “31 Days Without A Cigarette: A Retrospective”

Chasing Nirvana: An Introduction

  There is a rather robust argument over how we measure and define creativity. But what most schools have in common is one simple concept: ideas only count if we do something about them. That idea that you had while you were reading on the toilet? It means nothing if you don’t do anything aboutContinue reading “Chasing Nirvana: An Introduction”

We Watch Comic Book Trailers: Deadpool

Tom Moore III: Let’s start with something easy. Deadpool. Out of all the properties Fox has screwed up, THIS is the thing they seem to get right. A couple of the trailers have hinted at a little bit of heart too, which keeps Deadpool from being tedious. R-Son: It’s not easy to screw up. DeadpoolContinue reading “We Watch Comic Book Trailers: Deadpool”

Because I needed to make space

So just to beat a dead horse, Caitlyn Jenner.\ Because there hasn’t been enough written coverage of Bruce Jenner’s transformation from male to female. Or enough opinions spewed forth all over social media. I’ll preface this rant with, yes, I know I am probably not saying anything that hasn’t been said. That said, ohmygod, WHOContinue reading “Because I needed to make space”

“The F*@k Is This Sh#t?”: Lady Gaga’s Applause is The sound of one hand clapping

Since the beginning of her now infamous career, Lady Gaga has done many things right: She’s a capable, if unextraordinary songwriter, and she benefited from above average production that drove you to your feet and demanded your attention. She demanded that attention in other ways as well: Her public persona screams “Hey, look at me”Continue reading ““The F*@k Is This Sh#t?”: Lady Gaga’s Applause is The sound of one hand clapping”

George Zimmerman, Roderick Scott and the Champions of False Equivalency

In the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial (which Tom and Myself have covered already), I was ready to move on. It was a tragic situation made all the worse by the entitled perpetrator walking away scot-free while a young man’s life was lost. Dwelling on it only made me angrier, so I decided not to.Continue reading “George Zimmerman, Roderick Scott and the Champions of False Equivalency”

NOT Guilty?!?!?

Before yesterday, I thought there was no way Zimmerman walked, because there’s no way someone could possibly get away with killing an unarmed teenager in cold blood. Thanks, George. I’m awake now. George Zimmerman was found not guilty yesterday. On all counts. This case has hit home for me in a number of ways. First,Continue reading “NOT Guilty?!?!?”