Conquer Hate

Black and white Even though there’s gray Wrong or right No matter what they say An entire world divided Even though we’re one in the same When you feed into the hate You play their game Superiority is nonexistent Just a figment of imagination Consumerism’s easily encouraged In a divided nation The poor despise theContinue reading “Conquer Hate”

Ted Cruz Wins. Everyone Else Loses

Right now the government has shut down with no end in sight and the debt ceiling approaching again. If you were to read the news, there are no winners, which is a preposterous idea. Politics is theater, and Ted Cruz is in the middle of a command performance at the Old Vic. Once again, theContinue reading “Ted Cruz Wins. Everyone Else Loses”

“The Filthy Fifteen”: Tom and Tom review the most vile songs of the 80’s (according to the PMRC)

If you have kids, turning on the today’s radio is a bit like playing Russian Roulette with your children’s ears – the only difference being that all but one of the chambers are full. Almost every song on the radio is filled to the brim with innuendo, drug references, and filth-flarn-filth as far as theContinue reading ““The Filthy Fifteen”: Tom and Tom review the most vile songs of the 80’s (according to the PMRC)”

Yeah, I said it: This election is all about race

A little over one week from now, we will know who the next President of the United States will be. We will also know, without a shadow of doubt, whether the post-racial America we all like to believe we live in truly exists or not. Make no mistake, this election has nothing to do withContinue reading “Yeah, I said it: This election is all about race”

Yeah I Said It: Most Obama Criticisms Are Racist

Racism is irrational. It is born of emotion, mostly insecurity. Fundamentally, racists are people that are afraid of change. They may feel in control of their life, but they’re not confident that they can stay on top of anything if their life changes. They just don’t have the physical or mental toughness to adapt, andContinue reading “Yeah I Said It: Most Obama Criticisms Are Racist”

Michelle Obama’s Butt the Highlight of DNC So Far

Pressed with the challenge of Mitt Romney, Barack Obama was forced to pull out the big guns: Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama’s butt. Many were impressed with her speech, but that only can affect people listening to her and not staring at her deformity. It’s not like it hasn’t been rocky so far. She innocentlyContinue reading “Michelle Obama’s Butt the Highlight of DNC So Far”