Jonathan Lynn’s Clue is Completely Slept On

Now that Hollywood is trying to make movies out of theme park rides and board games, we act like this is some new low. Anyone that knows film understands this is not the first time that this sort of desperation has happened. Clue was made in 1985, with Jonathan Lynn, a director versed in BritishContinue reading “Jonathan Lynn’s Clue is Completely Slept On”

Gore Verbinski’s Ring is a Modern Classic

There are, perhaps, two characteristics of a classic. One is that it remains in the memory long after it should’ve. The other is that it changes the films that come after it. It’s hard to admit it, but Gore Verbinski’s The Ring is a modern classic. The Ring remake was released in 2002. It wasContinue reading “Gore Verbinski’s Ring is a Modern Classic”

Even After All These Years, Labyrinth Holds Up

Children’s entertainment is usually painful to watch for anyone else. In 1986 Jim Henson made┬áLabyrinth. It was a flop, which was hard for him, and the last film he made. Movies are often a cruel business, and the idea that a wonderful film like this was not properly appreciated before his premature death in 1990Continue reading “Even After All These Years, Labyrinth Holds Up”